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The Ideal Wattage to Vaping for Beginners

wattage for vaping

Those who are seeking vaping tips for beginners will often ask about the ideal wattage to set for vaping. However, there’s no definite answer to this question because it’s a matter of personal preference. To quickly illustrate, a beginner vaper can start at 10 watts (10W) considering that basic devices such as cig-a-likes generally have a pre-set wattage from 7W to 15W. Advance users vape at 50W and even more than 100W.  At 200W, which is the maximum wattage setting in most advance devices, your coil will burn out in no time, so you might want to avoid that setting.

The topic on setting the ideal wattage for vaping, however, is not for beginners and generally deals with advanced vapers who are using mods i.e. advanced vape devices with changeable components for a more personalised setting. So if you’re using cig-a-likes, pods or even most stick mods, you won’t be able to change the wattage.

What is wattage?

Wattage is the amount of power used by the vape or any electronic device. Basically, when you have a higher setting in your variable wattage (VW) mod, your device will draw higher voltage from the battery. The wattage also determines how fast your coil will heat up. This shouldn’t be confused with temperature control (if your mod has this setting), which determines the maximum temperature your coil is heated. Once the preferred temperature is reached, your device will adjust the wattage or voltage to maintain that temperature. Advanced mod vapers will have to experiment with the wattage and temperature levels at first to find the perfect balance that will provide the best vaping experience for them.

Wattage levels and their effects on vaping

As mentioned, beginners can vape at 10W, which can already give a satisfying vaping experience for most users. At 40W-50W, one can experience the throat hit and vapour denseness that the more experienced vapers love. It’s also at this level when one can identify the differences of vape flavours.

You might also want to know that eliquids with fruity flavours are tastier with a low wattage, low heat setting. On the other hand, chocolate, tobacco or coffee flavours are better with a higher wattage.

Advanced vapers generally prefer a wattage level from 50W to 75W, which is also the average wattage setting for most mid-range devices. At higher wattage, they can perform complicated tricks with their devices such as smoke rings and cloud chasing. At 80W, one can produce huge vapour clouds by using vape flavours with high vegetable glycerine (VG) content, at least 60% versus propylene glycol (PG). A beginner should note, however, that high VG eliquid is not ideal to use in classic kits, as this can quickly burn out the coils, producing a nasty taste.

It’s not about wattage alone

There are other factors to consider when it comes to having a more personalised vaping experience. Among these considerations are:

  • Resistances of coils: They range from 0.1-3.0 ohms and require different wattage levels to give the best performance
  • Extra airflow: This may be required if you prefer an airier experience while setting a higher wattage level with a high-VG flavour, but this is a matter of personal preference.
  • Battery discharge limit: You must have a powerful battery that can accommodate the capability of your mods especially for those with resistance lower than 1 ohm (also called sub-ohm vapes).

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