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What is MTL Vaping?


Mouth to Lung (MTL) is one of the terminologies you will add to your vocabulary as you level up your vaping experience from being a beginner who relies on e-cigarettes and vape pod systems in Australia. To quickly explain, MTL refers to the vaping style wherein you inhale the vapour into the mouth then into the lungs before exhaling it. You need to understand that there are various vaping styles so that you can most efficiently use the types of vape mod brands and/or vape liquid brands you have at hand.

MTL Vapers

MTL vaping is basically like smoking cigarettes. In fact, the vapers who usually do this vaping style are those who smoke tobacco, those who quit smoking or those who are transitioning from smoking. Most newbie vapers, plus-Ohm users as well as pod systems users are also doing the MTL method. Furthermore, it is also observed that individuals who are not vaping as an art form or as a sport are also seen to be vaping in the MTL style.

The MTL Vaping Process

More specifically, MTL vaping is initially done by taking a smooth, long draw of vapour into your mouth. Afterwards, you inhale the vapour from the mouth and into your lungs while also drawing air in. Finally, you exhale the vapour out.

Reasons to MTL

There are several reasons why people choose to vape with MTL style.

  • The MTL vaping process closely resembles the way people smoke tobacco and cigarettes.
  • Those who have weaker lungs due to several years of smoking tobacco may have no choice but to opt for MTL vaping.
  • This vaping style is perfect if you’re keen on experiencing the flavour profiles of your vape juice Australia brands in your mouth.
  • MTL vaping is perfect when you don’t want to be bothered by the substantial amount of vapour clouds that appear when you exhale. Considering that you can only drag so much into your mouth, vapour production will be less.
  • MTL allows you to vape “stealthily” especially when you’re in a crowd or when you want to vape without catching unnecessary attention.
  • The vape tanks Australia units used for MTL will consume less eliquids compared to other vaping styles, and thus, MTL vaping is more economical.

eLiquid Options for MTL Vaping

MTL vaping allows you to use vape juice brands with high nicotine content without getting ill or dizzy. However, you need to test out which nicotine level you’re most comfortable vaping with. Nicotine eliquids come in various levels such as 20mg, 12mg and 6mg. You might also want to choose zero-nicotine content. Your ultimate choice varies on many factors. Check out our blog article on how to choose a suitable eliquid nicotine level for guidance.

You can also opt for nicotine salts Australia eliquid, which delivers a more manageable and smoother throat hit. It also provides a more nicotine satisfaction as the salts absorb into the bloodstream faster.

When it comes to PG/VG ratio, a higher PG percentage is ideal for MTL vaping devices considering that the more viscous VG component will have a hard time with the small coils of these devices. However, there are newer MTL devices that are designed for use with higher VG ratios, but you still need to double-check this first.

General Features of MTL Devices

Here are some quick features common among MTL vaping units:

  • Tight airflow
  • Narrow mouthpiece
  • Has small/thin coils
  • Uses low wattage
  • High resistance coil (at least 1.0 Ohm)

Take note that sub-Ohm MTL devices may be available these days, but they still have smaller coils and small juice holes to limit the amount of eliquid getting through the coil.

Check out our blog for more insights and practical information on vaping for both beginners and experienced vapers alike.