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Vaping Tips for Pod System Users

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Vape pod systems are popular options for those who are just starting to vape. They seem to provide the best of both worlds of e-cigarettes and vape mods. Specifically, they offer more variety in vaping experiences than what e-cigarettes can provide. On the other hand, they also provide more convenience than vape mods for those who don’t want to be bothered by the technicalities of the devices.

But how can you ensure your vape pods will last as long as possible? Below are some pod vaping tips you should remember. Without following these tips, you could possibly lose your pods within a day or two, despite being designed to last for a month or so.

Vaping tips for both open and closed pod systems

Here are some general vaping tips for all types of pod system.

  • Take one or two short puffs when starting to vape

“Primer puffs” is when you take short puffs before your regular puffs as a way to prime your device. Pod devices generally don’t have a manual battery that you can turn on with a button and preheat the atomizer. In pod systems with automatic batteries, there’s a delay between your draw and the production of vapour.

  • Have at least 10 seconds before taking another draw

“Chain vaping” is when you take multiple hits on your device in less-than-10-second intervals. When drawing every 5 or 10 seconds, the wick has no time to be sufficiently soaked with eliquid in between hits. This causes your atomiser (wick and coil) to burn quickly, and thus, shortening the lifespan of your pods. Pods can usually last for a month, but when you’re chain vaping, they could possibly last for only a week or less.

If you find yourself puffing more often than you should, perhaps your eliquid’s nicotine content isn’t enough for you. Consider using nicotine salts Australia has to offer or opting for eliquids with the nicotine content level most suitable to your vaping habits.

  • Don’t draw for too long

Pod systems aren’t like the usual vaping devices that are made for long drags. Taking hits much longer than usual on your pod system can cause the atomiser to burn quickly, and thus, shortening the lifespan of the pod.

  • Don’t draw with intense pressure

Vaping with a pod system doesn’t mean that the more intense you draw, the more vapour you can take in. A pod system usually doesn’t have a button to turn on the system. Instead, it uses a sensor that will fire the coil when a specific amount of air pressure is detected. This means that regardless of how weak or intense you draw from your device, the atomiser will fire up in the same way. However, the sensor can get damaged when you constantly draw the device with intense pressure, deeming the entire pod unusable.

  • Never drain the (internal) battery

Make sure to recharge your device before the battery drains out. Unlike the vape mods, most of the devices with the pod system don’t have a removable battery. This means that if the internal battery is damaged, it cannot be replaced; and thus, the entire device is deemed useless.

Lithium ion batteries are generally used in modern-day vape pod systems. These kinds of batteries (similarly used in modern smartphones and vehicles) will lose their performance efficiency when you constantly drain their charges. 

Vaping tips for open pod system only

Here are some vaping tips for refillable pods.

  • Avoid filling eliquids with more than 70% VG content 

You can have the best vape brands Australia has to offer or even nicotine eliquids with the percentage of your choice, but make sure the eliquid you’ll fill in your pod doesn’t have a very high Vegetable Glycerine (VG) ratio.

Most of the open pods, if not all, are not designed for vape juices with high VG, which is the thicker component in the liquid compared to the Propylene Glycol (PG). In general, vape liquid brands with 40/60 PG/VG ratio can soak up the wick sufficiently enough.

A lower VG content means that the liquid is less viscous, and thus, ensures easy and quick absorption into the wick, ready for the next hit. On the other hand, using a higher VG content in pod system can burn the coil too quickly due to the slow absorption of liquid.

  • Let the pod rest for a few minutes after filling it with eliquid for the first time

In doing so, you allow the vape juice to sufficiently soak up the wick and coil in order to avoid dry burning or damaging your atomiser.

  • Avoid dry burning your device

Dry burning, also called dry hitting, is the burning of coils in an effort to remove accumulated eliquid residue as a way to extend the life of the atomiser. However, built-in and/or premade atomisers such as those in disposable vape pens as well as in pod systems are never designed for dry burning.

So when vaping with a pod system, make sure that your pod is still at least a third full at all times. Refill your open pod immediately to prevent dry hitting.

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