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Vaping Gear: What Every Vaper Can’t Live Without?

Do you want to quit smoking but fear going through withdrawal syndrome? The best thing to do is to just shift to vaping. It’s a more sustainable alternative since you don’t have to throw it away. It is rechargeable and you can even enjoy many flavours.

Why switch to vaping? The history alone will tell you that the growth of the vaping industry is quite fast. There are now a variety of vaping devices—a lot of them would even surprise you because they look nothing like the vape pen you are used to seeing. There have also been various innovations made to the vaping activity itself. There are so many “flavours” to enjoy and you can customise your vaping requirement just the way you like it.

The vaping industry has progressed a whole lot over the years with practical innovations that make people enjoy it better. Vape pens are no longer just your cigarette alternative; they are also fashion accessories. There are so many different styles of vape pens now that shopping for one has become a fun activity, too.

The spread of vape gear itself is astonishing. There are so many devices that will help you get the best vaping experience. So, the alternative to quitting smoking actually looks great!


Vape Gear Must-haves

First of all, there are two kinds of devices for vaping: vape pen and vape mod. There are actually dozens of varieties of vape devices but they can be divided into two basic kinds. The vape pen, as the name suggests, looks more like a pen—a bulky one. The mod, on the other hand, is bulkier. Its official name is the mechanical vape mod—MOD refers to modified vape pen. It has a large body in order to have more power. As such, it produces more vapour than the vape pen. The advantage of that is it provides better taste with the flavour really hitting your throat.

While vape mod has more power, it doesn’t really mean that it is better. What is better is really dependent on the user. Some users prefer a milder hit and would go for the pen. Besides, the pen is so much easier to carry around because of its slimmer physique, and it is lighter, too. Those who vape a lot usually prefer the pen because they don’t get overwhelmed by the flavour. Those who want a long-lasting taste in their mouth will prefer the mod. This way, they won’t be prompted to vape more often.

If you are a regular vaper, then you must carry with you a kit with your vape pen or mod and the following essentials:


Vape juice

Also known as e-juice or e-liquid, the vape juice is the liquid that provides the vapour to your vape pen or mod. It is also the element that carries nicotine with it, but there is also an option of zero nicotine. The great thing about the vape juice is that you can have control over the taste, which is never an option for cigarettes. There are so many flavours of juice and they come in a variety of nicotine levels.

Let’s talk flavours—think of any flavour you want and it is guaranteed that there is a vape juice of that flavour. It has more flavours than candies! There are fruit-flavoured vape juice, peppermint, coffee, bubblegum, cookies and cream, cheesecake and many more. For those who have weird tastes, there are also quirky flavours like black pepper, crab legs, beer and hot dog!

Here is a tip: Always keep an extra bottle of vape juice with you because there is nothing more annoying than running out of e-liquid while you are out vaping with friends.


Vape batteries

If there is one thing more annoying than running out of vape juice, it is the lack of battery. The vape battery is the core part of your vape device. It is the power that heats the coil that in turn heats the liquid. This is basically your lighter, but unlike lighters, you can’t just tap somebody for a light when it comes to vaping.

When you buy the kit, there will be a number of batteries that will set you up for some time. But if you just bought a pen or mod, then you have to buy batteries separately. Note the plural form because you don’t want to run out of batteries when you are vaping. Not only that, if you have damaged a battery, but you should also throw that away because it is dangerous. A lot of these batteries are rechargeable so you can bring your charger for extra power.


Vape coils

This is the item that transforms the vape juice into vapour. It is also called atomiser. If you buy the starter kit, you will already get a coil with different ohms so you have options based on your taste. Once you feel like you are no longer getting the best flavour, then it is time to replace your coil. A soiled coil will still be able to transform your juice into vapour but you won’t be able to get the maximum taste.

Stealth Vaping Gear

A vape typically produces a larger cloud of vapour than the cloud of smoke that a typical cigarette produces. If you want some stealth vaping, here are some devices for you.

Pod system

It is called a POD because it is an ultra-portable system. This will give you the closest experience to smoking a cigarette, which makes it a great transition device. The system is small and compact. It produces minimal vapour, which is why it is a great stealth device. However, its hit is really strong because it comes with higher nicotine levels in the form of nicotine salts.

Replacement pods

There are pods that have refillable cartridges, while there are also those that are pre-filled. The latter will run out eventually, especially if you vape really often. Bring a replacement pod all the time if you don’t want to experience having run out of juice. But if you have a refillable cartridge, then you can just bring extra bottles of vape juice.


Most pod systems have built-in batteries that you can recharge. So bring your charger all the time so you won’t get in a foul mood because you can’t vape since you ran out of batteries. Bring in an adapter, too, if you need to charge while in the car.

Gear for Big Clouds

If there are those who prefer stealth vaping, there are also those who enjoy the large clouds of vapour coming off the pen or mod. The great thing about this is that not only will you take in the flavour of the juice through the vape, you will also smell the flavour from the clouds. Those who enjoy producing huge clouds usually have a mod rather than a pen.

Here are some of the gear you should have if you enjoy producing large clouds.

Sub-ohm device

This is a device that takes in multiple batteries in order to produce higher power. Some devices have 220 watts and higher. The higher the wattage, the larger the cloud!

Low resistance coils

When you have a sub-ohm device, which is an item that has a resistance level of under one ohm, you need to have the proper coil. There are appropriate coils for certain resistance levels. Also, you need to keep extra coils because the higher the wattage of your vaping, the earlier you need to replace the coil.

Sub-ohm tank

This is a container for atomisers under one ohm. It is larger so it can carry more vape juice, which is necessary because sub-ohm vaping uses a larger amount of juice.

Advanced Vaping Gear

Still, there are vapers who are like pros that they prefer to customise their own vaping experience for maximum satisfaction. The following are the gear necessary for advanced vapers.

Rebuildable atomiser & rebuildable tank atomiser

If you want to create your own atomiser, then you also need a rebuildable tank atomiser. This type of atomiser will allow you to create your own coil and link it to the system. The advantage here is that it is based on your desire. Every use is customised according to your need or preference.

Wick & wire

Since you are crafting your own coil, then you will need your own wick and wire. The latter is the item to use when hand-making the coil while the wick is what draws the vape juice to the atomiser. That will then produce the vapour. Make sure you keep extra wick and wire in your kit in case you need them!


It will be hard to create your own gear without tools—a lot of these stuff are so small that your hands will be too clumsy for them. Among the tools that you should have are measuring accessories, pliers, screwdrivers and tweezers.

Vape accessories

These are not must-haves but it is still great to know some of the accessories that you can buy for your vape devices. The great thing about vape pens or mods is that you can treat them like your cellphones—you can “dress” them up so your personality will be embedded in them.


Just like cellphones, there are cases and skins for your vape device. The case is for the entire kit. It is a small bag where you can store all your vape gear: vape pen / mod, batteries, bottles of vape juice, charger, vape coil, among others.


The skin, on the other hand, is a cover or wrap for the device so it will look more fun and interesting. There are so many kinds of exciting skins for different devices. Some skins are also customizable so that you can put your own personality in it. This way, people will immediately know who owns the vape device.

There you have it—those are the things you need to know and own if you want to start vaping in order to quit smoking. Vaping is certainly a better alternative to smoking, which has been proven to be the top risk factor for lung cancer.

How to take care of your vaping gear?

Two months after getting your vape gear, you are going to need to clean every piece of your vape pen or mod and accessories. When your vape device and accessories are soiled, they are bound not to work properly. This is why it is important to clean them or you will end up buying a new set every now and then. If you want your vape device to work for a long time, you have to make sure they are clean all the time.

For the vape tank, it is vital to rinse it with clean water every time you change the flavour of your vape juice. This is logical because you don’t want to taint the flavour of your new juice with the last one. It is very easy. You just get a bowl and fill it with warm water. Take out the tank from your device, remove excess liquid and then disassemble the tank. Place the parts in the bowl and rinse it thoroughly. Then let it dry.

There is no way to clean the coil so you just have to change it when you need to. You know the coil needs to be changed when vaping doesn’t give you the best taste anymore. Another tell-tale is when you feel a “burnt” taste when vaping or when the vape device no longer produces a good amount of vapour.

Also, don’t leave your vape gear just anywhere since it could gather dust. When you are not vaping, just put it back in the kit.

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