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Understanding the basic of proper vape storage solutions will help you ensure that both your devices and e-liquids can last a long time. Read through this article for insightful tips and advices to help you find the perfect storage system for your vaping items.

Vape Storage Solutions for E-Liquids

Some new vape users will discover e-liquid flavours they will love and so they will save some of them for later use, only to find out that the flavours have changed, or worse, disappeared. If you don’t want to experience this frustrating scenario, take some time to know how to properly store your vape juices so you can enjoy them much longer.

  • Keep e-liquids away from heat.

The flavour notes in your vaping juices are made with specific compounds, which can be broken down by heat. Once broken, the molecules can interact with other ingredients or components, and ultimately, the flavours completely change or disappear.

  • Store e-liquids away from sunlight.

Aside from being a source of heat, the sun’s UV light can alter the compounds that make up the flavours.

  • Keep air away from your e-liquid.

Oxygen can also interact with the flavour components, and thus, it’s important to keep the caps of your bottles firmly screwed on. Also, consider transferring the contents of half-empty bottles into several smaller containers to minimise the space above the liquid. It’s also recommended to squeeze plastic e-liquid bottles before screwing the cap on to minimise headspace.

  • Consume e-liquid in plastic bottles as soon as possible.

Plastic containers are not ideal as long-term vape storage solutions for e-liquids because they are permeable to some gasses. Also, the plastic can interact with the flavour components, especially when there’s heat or light which breaks the molecules down.

  • Use glass bottles for long-term storage.

High-quality plastic bottles may be less permeable to gasses compared to ordinary containers, but glass bottles are still a better option in minimizing molecular interactions and eliminating gas permeability. Furthermore, consider using tinted or dark glass containers to minimize the effects of light to the e-liquid’s flavour and strength.

  • Refrigerate or freeze your e-liquids.

The low temperature can greatly help in keeping the flavour components remain intact, thus, making your e-liquid last longer. Technically, the e-liquid will not freeze because the base components (i.e. vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol) have low freezing points. However, the e-liquid could thicken up, so you’ll need to sit it at room temperature first before using it for vaping.

  • Keep your e-liquids away from pets and children.

Just as you need to keep cigarettes (and medicines) out of children and pet’s reach, you should also do so with e-liquid bottles. Do not rely on child-proof or child-resistant caps, as they’re actually not fool-proof solutions. Store your bottles in locked boxes, on high cupboards or shelves, or simply anywhere out of their reach.

Storage Solutions for E-Cigarettes and Other Vapourisers

Some people have more than one personal vapouriser that they can alternately use. To ensure your e-cigarettes and other personal vaping devices last for a long time especially for those that had to be kept in storage, learn these basic maintenance tips:

  • Keep them away from water, heat and direct sunlight.

Just like your mobile phone and other gadgets, your vaping paraphernalia contain electronics and other components that could be damaged when exposed to these elements. This means that closed metal containers or boxes are to be avoided since they can act like ovens when the environment is too hot. Also, avoid leaving your e-cigs on your car’s dashboard since they can be exposed to direct sunlight. On another note, the storage shouldn’t have excessive humidity as the moisture can accumulate and damage your vapouriser.

  • Keep them away from dirt and dust.

The small particles of dust and dirt can be abrasive to the minute components in your ecigarettes. Thus, it’s important that your vape storage should be clean and free from foreign matters. A closed cabinet or cupboard is a good option, but it is better if your devices are also individually enclosed in a small case or a drawstring inside your cupboard.

  • Always keep the battery terminal clean

When you’re constantly using the e-cig or before putting it in for storage, make sure that the battery terminal is clean. Dirt can prevent the atomiser from working and you will think that your battery is dead. You can clean the terminal with just a cotton bud.

  • Clean your atomisers.

To ensure they last a long time and to keep their performance high, clean the atomisers regularly especially before putting your vapourisers for storage. To do so, remove the atomiser (or clearomiser) from the battery (and the mouth piece, if possible). Wash the atomiser in hot water (not boiling) and leave it to dry for more than 24 hours. You can also use specialised ultrasonic drying equipment or denture tablets for cleaning.

  • Clean the mouthpiece.

If you can remove the mouthpiece from the atomiser (not all clearomisers are designed to be dismantled), use a twisted piece of tissue paper to remove dirt and condensed eliquid from the insides. You can also use warm water for very dirty mouthpieces.

  • Keep some charge in your batteries.

Do not run them right down especially those inside the e-cigarettes which are kept in storage for a long time. Make a habit to regularly check the batteries of your devices in storage.

  • Keep your e-cigs upright, if loaded.

If you need to keep a loaded e-cig for quick storage, avoid putting it upside down or on its side. The clearomisers have air holes that provide sufficient airflow to maintain the heat of the coil. The eliquid could go into these holes when the e-cig is not stored correctly and ultimately causes leaks. In short, your storage solutions enable loaded e-cigs and other vapourisers to remain upright.

  • Place the devices in carrying cases.

Your e-cigs can fall and break, just like any other gadgets. So use a soft carrying case to minimize the damage to your vapourisers and their components in case of a fall. Keep in mind, however, that you should avoid metal or tin boxes, as they can act like ovens in case the surrounding area is hot.

  • Avoid putting your devices in trouser pockets.

It may be common and convenient for vape users to put their ecigs in their trouser pockets, but it’s just simply an accident waiting to happen. Unless you’re wearing baggy pants, ecigs in trouser pockets can snap quickly with just a little bend, causing leaks as well as stains on your clothing. On the other hand, consider using a lanyard instead. It will keep your ecigs safe, secure and upright.

Bottom Line

Basically, your ultimate vape storage solutions should ensure that your eliquids and devices are kept away from direct light, water and heat. Also, they should be kept away from pets and children. Moreover, your storage should be secure enough to keep your products from falling off. Lastly, clean your e-cig components before putting them out for short-term or long-term storage.

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