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The Basics of Vape Pods

vape pod system

There are different types of vape devices that you can use depending on your vaping level and style. The most common of these, especially for many casual vapers, are the vape pod systems. As the name suggests, pod systems utilize a small cartridge (pod) with built-in mechanisms to hold and vaporise your eliquids Australia or NZ brands once it’s attached to the main device which has the battery. In essence, vape pods provide a quick and convenient all-in-one solution for vapers.

Should I opt for vape pods?

Vape pods stand in between the basic vape pens or e-cigarettes and the vape mods. In short, the pod system has a universal appeal to every type of vapers from first timers to experienced enthusiasts. It is ideal for every vaper for a variety of reasons.

  • First-time vapers. The pod system is simple enough to be used for first timers to have an enjoyable vaping experience. With a simple click and drag, they can enjoy the vape juice brands of their choice.
  • Beginner vapers. If you’ve been using basic vape pens or ecigarettes, the pod system provides an exciting upgrade to your vaping experience without the hassle of figuring out how to assemble the device unlike the products of vape mod brands.
  • Experienced vapers and mod builders. Calibrating and experimenting on box mods can be exciting and fulfilling. For many advanced vapers, though, a pod system can provide a pause from having to deal with the complicated process and technicalities associated with building vape mods.

Types of vape pods

There are two types of vape pod systems.

Closed Pod System

Closed pods are essentially cartridges with vape juice Australia or NZ brand already inside it. Once the pod runs out of juice, you’ll only have to discard it and attach a new pre-filled pod onto your device. With closed pod vaping system, you still have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to brands, flavours and nicotine content level

Open Pod System

Open pods have a covered hole that you can unplug or unscrew so you can fill and/or refill the cartridge with one of the vape liquid brands of your choice. In essence, you have a wider range of options in terms of nicotine strength and juice flavours than closed pods. You can even enjoy the best vape brands Australia has to offer. Due to the longer lifespan of open pods, however, you’ll have to deal with regular maintenance like coil replacements, which aren’t much of a hassle compared to box mod maintenance.

Why choose vape pods?

Aside from being a great system for every type of vaper, the pod system also provides many other advantages.

  • Easy to use and operate. There are no complicated calibrations required when vaping with a vape pod unlike the box mods. All you have to do is attach the pod to the compatible battery device. Some devices allow you to simply drag on them to start the vaporiser while others have a switch button.
  • Low or no maintenance. Unlike box mods, there’s no need to frequently purchase replacement components for a vape pod device.
  • Budget-friendly and widely available. Vape pods are commonly available in the market due to their popularity among all types of vapers. This also means that they come at affordable prices. Once you have the battery device, all you need is to purchase the compatible pods unlike basic vape pens or ecigs which you’ll have to dispose the entire thing once the juice runs out.
  • Small and discreet. They are something that you can carry around in your pocket or bag anywhere you go. You can also use them quickly and conveniently for a short vaping session without drawing the attention of the crowd.
  • Leak-proof, especially the closed system. Box mods with even the most airtight tank can leak your ejuice, causing an unsightly mess on your clothes or in your bag. Moreover, having eliquid on your hands should be avoided due to the nicotine.

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