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Should Vape Shop Owners Use Twitter for Marketing? 


Vape juices, pod systems and vape tanks Australia shop owners should embrace social media as part of their marketing strategies. One of the most popular social platforms to consider is Twitter.

The Twitter social media platform has come a long way from its original feature as a broadcasting tool that only publishes text with only 140 characters. Today, you can now send a tweet with a maximum of 280 characters or Unicode glyphs. Moreover, you can already post photos, videos, polls and other content just like any other online social platform.

What makes Twitter stand out from the rest of the social platforms is its emphasis on events and information that are currently ongoing. Discussions are also generally based on hashtags, allowing vape shop owners to discover what’s trendy among their target customers and to find answers to questions like:

  • Are there specific vape liquid brands that are popular among my target customers?
  • What are the positions of people regarding the latest issue on nicotine salts Australia government is planning to implement?
  • What’s the best vape brands Australia has to offer these days?

Is Twitter an ideal marketing channel for vape shop owners?

Any professional digital marketer will tell you to focus on the social platforms where most of your target customers are found especially when you’re a small and medium-sized entrepreneur because you’ll just spread your resources, manpower and time too thinly when you’re trying to use as many social platforms as possible.

So how will you know if your target customers are on Twitter?

Conducting a survey is the best and most direct way of knowing whether your target audiences and existing customers are using Twitter and how often they’re using the social platform. There are companies offering marketing research tools. Alternatively, you can create your surveys on Google Forms. In any case, make sure to direct your target audience to the survey by providing links on your blog posts, main social media posts and customer checkout page on your online shop, among other channels.

Even if only a few of your current audiences are using Twitter, the platform can still be a lucrative channel in terms of:

  • Capturing new markets;
  • Generating interest on vape juice brands, vape pod systems, vape mod brands and other related products; and
  • Boosting brand awareness.

This is because Twitter is in the top 15 most popular social platforms worldwide (436 million monthly active users) in 2022 and in the top 10 in Australia (5.8 million monthly users) in 2021, making the social platform a good marketing channel for SMEs such as vape shop owners to use.

Twitter Strategies for Vape Shop Owners

Should you decide to use Twitter for marketing, here are some techniques that you can consider:

  • Set a realistic goal to guide all Twitter activities e.g. using the platform to raise brand awareness, to serve as a lead generation tool, to support customers, to provide information, or to entertain.
  • Analyse your competitors on Twitter i.e. type of content they’re posting and what hashtags are they using
  • Build a community on Twitter by responding to customers and their “mentions” regardless of whether they’re good or bad
  • Regularly post content that relates to your business and to your audience
  • Consider posting videos and photos, which encourage more engagement than a pure text post
  • Announce your new stock of vape juice Australia has to offer
  • Promote your special deals and bundles on popular vape brands with a link to the long-form content e.g. blog post or landing page
  • Use meaningful and relatable hashtags 
  • Make use of Twitter Lists to conveniently sort through the Twitter feed content. Examples of list categories are: makers of top vape brands, vape influencers, high-profile customers, and competitors
  • Create and post a Twitter Poll to boost engagement
  • Use Twitter analytics to analyse and track what activities are working and what are not.

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