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Dinner Lady | Café Tobacco | Salts | 30ml

Dinner Lady have taken inspiration from their classic 11|11 range and produced an incredible cafe late infused tobacco flavour, it may not of been the healthiest start to the day but I'm sure we've all had coffee and a rich tobacco for breakfast.

Dinner Lady | Cool Tobacco | Salts | 30ml

Here's an e-liquid that hits all of the right highs and lows. Beginning with a rich tobacco base and ending with a chilly menthol top note, Cool Tobacco by Dinner Lady used to be known as After 11 and is the menthol cigarette substitute that you've been looking for!

Dinner Lady | Smooth Tobacco | Salts | 30ml

Dinner have managed to blend the rich and earthly taste of traditional tobacco and make to so smooth, it's almost creamy in texture!

Dinner Lady | Sweet Tobacco | Salts | 30ml

Here's the sweet tobacco e-liquid that you've been struggling to find. Sweet Tobacco by Dinner Lady blends a fragrant tobacco base with notes of vanilla, honey and caramel.