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Big Time | Apple | 120ml

Call it an Apple Martini or an Appletini, either way, it's sweet, delicious, and a fun juice. It's a sweet and sour, electric red, subtle and well-crafted juice with a true apple flavor, there's an Apple Martini for every taste.

Big Time | Guava | 120ml

The tropical guava fruit comes in different shapes and varieties. It's often sweet, either way in this form of juice, it directly sends your mind southward (if you're not there already).

Big Time | Mango | 120ml

Summer is one of the only times when one can enjoy the true ecstasy of fresh mango juice. Usually bottled mango juices and drinks have a kind of uniform taste and flavor. But we make fresh mango juice with different types of mangoes to let you enjoy different layers of flavors in our juice.

Big Time | Melon | 120ml

As simple and refreshing melon juice is, you can bring that summer feeling all year round with this taste of Big Time.

Dinner Lady | Cola Shades Ice | 60ml

Deliciously authentic cola with a twist of lemon, served on the rocks. Guaranteed to quench your vaping thirst.

Dinner Lady | Heisen Lady | Salts | 30ml

An unmistakable blend of mixed berries and a cold blast of ice, it's our new favourite fruity eliquid!

Frozen Fruit Monster | Banana | 100ml

Fruit Monster are serving up frozen chunks of super smooth banana, you HAVE to try this icy fruit vape juice!