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The Jam Vape Co | Lime Marmalade | 120ml

Orange marmalade is so last century. Everyone knows that the tartness of lime is where it's at, and no e-liquid captures that flavour better than Lime Marmalade by Jam Vape Co. You'll even taste a note of savoury buttered toast!

The Jam Vape Co | Orange Marmalade | 120ml

For the traditionalists among you, Orange Marmalade by Jam Vape Co delivers the flavour of one of the most classic British breakfast staples: orange marmalade on hot buttered toast. If you can find a better e-liquid for those morning vaping sessions, we'll buy it from you!

The Jam Vape Co | Raspberry Jam | 120ml

Sweet raspberry jam on hot buttered toast -- there's absolutely nothing better on those lazy Sunday mornings when you want a breakfast that's simple and satisfying. That's the flavour you'll experience when you vape Raspberry by Jam Vape Co.

The Jam Vape Co | Strawberry Jam | 120ml

So, are you voting in favour of #teamraspberry or #teamstrawberry? Since you're here, we're guessing you'll agree with the statement that there is no breakfast dish more perfect than hot buttered toast topped with sweet strawberry jam. That's the flavour of the always delightful Strawberry by Jam Vape Co.