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Bastard | Barbatos | Ry4 | Salts | 30ml

RY4 is a pure tobacco e-liquid with incredible red oak mix layer and complex, subtle undertones. Even if tobacco vapes aren't normally for you, give these flavour a try: there's more to this RY4 based than just a tobacco!

Bastard | Lycan | Vanilla Caramel Tobacco | Salts | 30ml

Prepare to be stoked by the bold taste of tobacco with a hint of sweetness. The taste signature sweetness is well-balanced with rich tobacco flavour between vanilla and caramel, delivered a smooth throat hit sensation in every puff.

Bastard | Vulture | Straight Tobacco | Salts | 30ml

Brewed with encapsulates luxury and finest ingredient that serve you with a pleasant feels of smoking a cigarette. A perfect blend of bold tobacco flavour is an ideal for those who are looking for a real O.G's taste without being too harsh.

Cali | Double Melon | Salts | 30ml

A double dose of Californian melon to blow some sweet clouds with, combining fresh slices of juicy watermelon with the much sought after honeydew!

Cali | Pine Dew | Salts | 30ml

These two tropical fruits chill together like old school homies, a sweet and sharp pineapple finds the perfect mellow when paired with juicy honeydew melon!

Cali | Straw Kiwi | Salts | 30ml

Looking for that juicy berry bumpto get you through the day? Blend those sun kissed strawberries with the smooth taste of tropical kiwi fruits and your eliquid worries will melt away.

Custard Monster | Blueberry Custard | Salts | 30ml

A rich, creamy Vanilla Custard mixed with the tartness of Blueberry for the perfect balance of sweetness!

Custard Monster | Strawberry Custard | Salts | 30ml

This Custard is packed with flavor that brings the creaminess of Vanilla Custard together with the sweetness of strawberries for an overall fresh, delightful blend you’ll be sure to love!

Custard Monster | Vanilla Custard | Salts | 30ml

A classic flavor that brings the creaminess of Custard together with the sweetness of Vanilla for an overall rich and savory blend!

Fruit Monster | Blueberry Raspberry Lemon | Salts | 30ml

Are you ready for what the Fruit Monster has to offer? Mouth watering blueberry juice is squeezed together with sweet raspberries and given a touch of eliquid tang with some fresh lemons!