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Strangr | Blckrnt | Salts | 30ml

An invigorating burst of flavour in every pull, smiles guaranteed all day! The perfect amount of joy everyday.

Strangr | Blubrry | Salts | 30ml

A blueberry concoction that is second to none, prove us wrong.

Strangr | Malone | Salts | 30ml

Melon, a splash of summer everyday keeps the doctor away. What more could you ask for?

Strangr | Mintxxx | Salts | 30ml

Minty freshness that wakens your senses and keeps you ready for whatever the day has to throw at you.

Strangr | Mnggos | Salts | 30ml

The delicious and unforgettable taste of mango nectar will keep you coming back for more in each drag.

Strangr | Pnepple | Salts | 30ml

The sweet and sour flavor profile of the exotic pineapple never bores you, making it the perfect everyday vape.