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Only | Desserts | Banoffee Pie | 60ml

Treat yourself to the one and only banoffee pie eliquid you'll ever need, a golden crunch biscuit base, sweet and smooth toffee cream center and freshly cut bananas to top it all off.

Only | Desserts | Custard Sponge Cake | 60ml

Still warm vanilla sponge cake is slathered in silky smooth homemade custard, Only eliquids have knocked this creamy vape juice out of the park.

Only | Desserts | Fruit Cheesecake | 60ml

The crowning jewel of any eliquid dessert range, not only does this fruity cheesecake eliquid incorporate fresh and zesty lemons into a creamy layer but tops it off with a handful of sharp raspberries in perfect balance with the rich biscuit base!

Only | Desserts | Millionaire Shortcake | 60ml

Feel like a millionaire by vaping on this rich biscuity base, an indulgent layer of sweet caramel and to top it all off, smooth milk chocolate... this dessert vape perfection can only be Only eliquids.

Only | Desserts | Strawberry Belgian Waffle | 60ml

A still warm belgian waffle with a large scoop of soft serve strawberry ice cream, this isn't only eliquid, it's 60ml of dessert vaping perfection!

Only | Doughnuts | Custard | 60ml

One taste of this bakery treat and you'll vape only doughnut eliquids from now on! A light and fluffy doughnut eliquid is given gentle sprinkle of icing sugar and filled to burst with the creamiest vanilla custard around.

Only | Doughnuts | Glazed | 60ml

Eliquids don't have to be complicated mixtures, they only have to taste as good as this delicious fried doughnut, finished off with a sweet sugar glaze.

Only | Doughnuts | Jam | 60ml

Whether you call this a jam doughnut or a jelly donut, we can all agree this fried bakery treat stuffed with sweet strawberry filling is the only eliquid you'll ever need!

Only | Doughnuts | Pebbles | 60ml

This is possibly the most delicious doughnut eliquid ever created, lightly fried and frosted with fruity pebble chunks, Only eliquids have created a vape juice masterpiece.

Only | Doughnuts | Strawberry Cheesecake | 60ml

Two incredible bakery flavours come together in only one package, a fresh fried doughnut filled with soft cheesecake center, sweet strawberry icing and crumbles of shortcake biscuit, served up as Only eliquids can!

Only | Drinks | Blue Raspberry 60ml

Coming at you like a bolt of lightning, this fizzy soda vape juice is full of punchy blue raspberries and given a touch of ice to keep you chill, what a way to kick off the Only eliquids drinks range!

Only | Drinks | Cherry Cola | 60ml

Glazed cherries infused into a complex cola, this soda vape juice by Only eliquids tastes as good as the real thing.