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Nz Vapor | Fizzberry | Salts | 60ml

Fizzberry e-juice gives the vaper a fresh, sweet and tangy raspberry flavour. Then when you least expect it you’re left with a surprisingly late taste of fizzy sherbet. Business at the front, party at the back!

Nz Vapor | Granny Smith | Salts | 60ml

The tangy apple vapour wakens the senses and is followed by a light and refreshingly sweet after tone that lasts nicely on the palate.

Nz Vapor | Mango | Salts | 60ml

Exactly as you would imagine it. Each vape satisfies with an initial sweet tartiness and an enduring fruity and light but full vapour.

Nz Vapor | Premium Red | Salts | 60ml

Our special blend of flavours offer the rich tobacco taste of the real, high-quality cigarettes and will exceed the expectations of any smoking connoisseur. Premium Red e-liquid won't leave you with an unpleasant chemical aftertaste, unlike some other brands.

Nz Vapor | Royal Vape | Salts | 60ml

Formulated to give you that distinct flavour of Port Royal tobacco. This e-juice will offer you the familiar, smooth and mellow vaping experience you enjoyed as a smoker.

Nz Vapor | Strawberry | Salts | 60ml

Enjoy the smooth and sweet flavours of summer all year round. This e-liquid is the perfect mix of refreshing sweetness found only in a fresh batch of local strawberries.