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Kiwi Az | Churr | 100ml

Straight up APPLES, baked in a PIE - Churr farr wicked!

Kiwi Az | Hard Out | 100ml

You do the HOKEY POKEY and you turn yourself around - thats what it's all about

Kiwi Az | Kuzzie | 100ml

What!? A BANANA and TOFFEE PIE vape!? Up to Kuzzie - gotta try some of this yo, it's wicked!

Kiwi Az | Mean Az | 100ml

Not just your average VANILLA, we’ve made ours fully MEAN AS!

Kiwi Az | Tu-meke | 100ml

Started with some BERRIES then we added some LYCHEE and far out… Came out TU-MEKE!

Kiwi Az | Yea Nah | 100ml

At first it's like yeah its PEACHY, but then its like nah its CREAMY as!