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Jam Monster | Blackberry | 100ml

A one-note e-liquid simply doesn't work as an all-day vape, and that's why e-liquids like Blackberry by Jam Monster exist. The slightly savoury note of toasted bread intermingles beautifully with the flavours of butter and blackberry preserves.

Jam Monster | Blueberry | 100ml

Breakfast simply isn't breakfast unless it includes a little toast. Blueberry by Jam Monster captures the flavour of a slightly browned slice of bread that's been slathered with rich butter and fruity blueberry jam. Blueberry lovers will go wild for this one!

Jam Monster | Grape | 100ml

Is any flavour of jam tastier -- and more classic -- than grape jam? We don't think so, and neither does Jam Monster. Grape by Jam Monster is a thick slice of toasted bread served with a side of churned butter and grape jam. It's delicious.

Jam Monster | Lemon | 100ml

Indulge in Lemon by Jam Monster Liquid, showcasing the sweet and tart aspects of lemon through a fruity bakery explosion within the mouth, capturing the delectably mouth puckering flavor that will entice the taste buds.

Jam Monster | Mixed Berry | 100ml

We know you're in the mood for a toasty breakfast, and when you want to enjoy some toast with jam, it's too hard to decide. Why not mix all of those sweet berries together?!

Jam Monster | Pb Jam Grape | 100ml

A heavy grape jam, light buttery toast and a sticky smooth peanut butter is the perfect way to start your day, this unique take on PB & J from Jam Monster will make you forget the rest!

Jam Monster | Pb Jam Strawberry | 100ml

Smooth PB and Jam go together perfectly on your morning toast vape, this sweet strawberry jam is spread thick before getting a big dollop of peanut butter!

Jam Monster | Raspberry | 100ml

Jam packed with flavour, this sweet eliquid is an authentic raspberry jam smeared over toast, this monster eliquid is the perfect vape to start your day!

Jam Monster | Strawberry | 100ml

We know you're in the mood for a toasty breakfast, and when you want to enjoy some toast with jam, there's really no choice: It's got to be strawberry. Strawberry by Jam Monster delivers the pure and joyous flavour of butter and strawberry jam on toast.