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Ivg | Blueberry Crush | 60ml

Frozen blueberries, anyone? Blueberry Crush by IVG combines a sweet blueberry note with a hint of icy menthol. Chilly and fruity, this e-liquid is a must for all of you fruit-and-menthol fanatics out there.

Ivg | Bubblegum | 60ml

Pull another gumball out of the machine! Bubblegum Millions by IVG Sweets delivers the sweet flavour of real bubblegum. We won't blame you if you try blowing a few vapour bubbles!

Ivg | Chew | Peppermint Breeze | 60ml

Get carried away by the cooling sensation of peppermint breeze, a classic chewing gum eliquid full of freshness!

Ivg | Chew | Strawberry Watermelon | 60ml

A juicy and fruity combination of summer strawberries and watermelon in a fantastic chewing gum eliquid!

Ivg | Chew | Tropical Berry | 60ml

The fruitiest chewing gum eliquid there is, juicy dark berries are squeezed together with a fresh selection of tropical fruits in this mouthwatering mix!

Ivg | Cola Bottles | 60ml

Coupling the bold flavour of cola with the sweet taste of gummy candy, Cola Bottles by I VG Sweets is everything that you've ever wanted in a gummy candy e-liquid. Enjoy it whenever you're craving the refreshing taste of soda!

Ivg | Kiwi Lemon Kool | 60ml

Have you ever tried peeling a kiwi and putting it in the freezer to make a tasty treat for later? If you haven't, you can get much the same experience with Kiwi Menthol by I Like Menthol. Cool and sweet, you'll want to return to this e-liquid again and again.

Ivg | Mixer | Citrus Lemonade | 60ml

IVG are blending together a refreshing lemonade of juicy citrus fruits, zesty oranges, punchy grapefruit and of course sweet lemon soda!

Ivg | Mixer | Fresh Lemonade | 60ml

IVG have put together the perfect mixture of classic lemonade, sharp citrus, a sweet body and of course a little fizz to complete this eliquid package!

Ivg | Mixer | Honeydew Lemonade | 60ml

Classic lemonade's punchy notes are mixed together with a soothing sweet puree of fresh honeydew melons, IVG may have just created the perfect citrus eliquid!

Ivg | Mixer | Pink Lemonade | 60ml

There's no hard and fast rule for what should be in a pink lemonade but the very best of them are a mixture of sweet lemon citrus blended together with pink grapefruit, so that's exactly what IVG did!

Ivg | Mixer | Riberry Lemonade | 60ml

Did you ever mix a certain blackcurrant cordial together with sweet lemonade? IVG are giving you the chance to try it, even improving on the mixture by adding a handful of juicy berries!