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Ivg | Team 120 | Apple Raspberry | 120ml

The simple, juicy flavour of apple always pairs well with tart, complex berry notes, and Apple Raspberry by Team 120 celebrates that interplay with its nuanced, fruity blend.

Ivg | Team 120 | Blackcurrant Lemonade | 120ml

Are you ready to beat the heat? Nothing is nicer on a sunny day than a cold glass of lemonade with a dash of blackcurrant juice. Blackcurrant Lemonade by Team 120 takes you right back to those sunny days gone by with its tart and fruity blend.

Ivg | Team 120 | Exotic Mango | 120ml

If you aren't fortunate enough to have visited the tropics, you might be unaware that there are actually several different mango cultivars in the world -- and each has its own combination of sweet, sour and musky notes. Exotic Mango by Team 120 is an attempt to capture all of those notes in one place and create a single mango e-liquid to rule them all.

Ivg | Team 120 | Fantasy Lemon | 120ml

A juicy fruit with abundant citrus oil makes the Sicilian lemon one of the world's most famous citrus cultivars. If you -- like many Italians -- believe that Sicily is the only region in which it is possible to grow a proper lemon, you are going to love Fantasy Lemon by Team 120.

Ivg | Team 120 | Pink Guava | 120ml

Sweet tropical guava is one of the world's most remarkable flavours, and now you can enjoy the flavour of guava in e-liquid form with no other distractions. Get your warm weather fix with Pink Guava by Team 120!

Ivg | Team 120 | Vanilla Muffin | 120ml

Are you ready for a real breakfast? Drop the muffins and indulge in some cupcakes! Vanilla Cupcake by Team 120 delivers the bold cupcake flavour you crave. With a moist cake base, a vanilla custard topping and a light dusting of powdered cinnamon, this e-liquid is the ultimate morning treat.