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Frozen Fruit Monster | Banana | 100ml

Fruit Monster are serving up frozen chunks of super smooth banana, you HAVE to try this icy fruit vape juice!

Fruit Monster | Blueberry Raspberry Lemon | 100ml

Are you ready for what the Fruit Monster has to offer? Mouth watering blueberry juice is squeezed together with sweet raspberries and given a touch of eliquid tang with some fresh lemons!

Fruit Monster | Mango Peach Guava | 100ml

Take a trip to tropical tranquillity, Fruit Monster have created a bottle of endless summer with their special blend of ripe mango, juicy guava and as smooth as you like peach!

Fruit Monster | Mixed Berry | 100ml

The Fruit Monster has been busy smashing together some of the juiciest fruits around, succulent strawberries, squeezed blackcurrants and of course, sweet blackberries.

Fruit Monster | Strawberry Kiwi Pomegranate | 100ml

Juicy ripe strawberries, refreshing tropical kiwi and tangy pomegranate.... this trifecta of incredible fruit eliquid is so good, it will sooth the fruit monster!