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Marketing Practices of Vapor Store Owners You Can Learn From

One of the valuable vape shop marketing strategies is to know what your competitors are doing and learn from their successes and mistakes. In this article, we discuss the current marketing practices of active vapour store owners so that you’ll know more about your advertising and promotional options to grow your vape shop.

The Traditional Techniques

The traditional channels are still used by store owners, many of which noted that increasing their shop’s signage is one of the best vape marketing practices for them since customers often shop on impulse. Other outdoor signage used includes banners and billboards.

Shop owners also invest in print ads such as leaflets distributed in college campuses, apartment complexes and local shopping centres. A few used vehicle decals on their own cars. A few others entice customers with giveaways such as shirts, pens and cups. Some businesses also advertise on newspapers as well as on the back of chemist or grocery receipts and other printed channels.

Only a handful use radio and television as part of their vape shop marketing strategies because these channels are too expensive.

Most important to note though is that word-of-mouth remains one of the best marketing tools, which means businesses should focus on good customer service.

Shop Display Techniques

When it comes to presenting the physical store, businesses use clear cases to showcase their vapour products so that customers can conveniently see their various options when in the store. E-liquid bottles are marked with plain labels in the store despite being advertised as high quality or offering unique flavours.

A menu board is also displayed in the store that can be conveniently changed as new eliquid flavours are available or as stocks become unavailable. Store owners also design their establishment to resemble cafes, lounges or bars where customers can stay while sampling different flavours, especially the newly released ones.

Digital Marketing Techniques

Vape business owners generally differ in the way they use social media to promote their products. Most owners mainly use Facebook to promote new juices and specials. However, they are careful not to make their Facebook posts to appear related to tobacco use because of the social media’s policy and also because there are many children on Facebook.

On the other hand, a few only utilise Instragram and those who do use it to show new products. They remarked that Instagram makes it instant to post photos of their new eliquids, and there’s also a feature that links your posts to Facebook, making social media marketing easier and more convenient.

Other owners also send e-mail or text messages to customers who consented to getting updates on specials. 

Only a few have active websites mainly due to the skills required to make one or the costs incurred when hiring a developer. Furthermore, Paypal’s restriction on vaping product sales has discouraged some owners to have their own ecommerce site.

For those who are marketing an online vape shop, these electronic or digital marketing techniques were used:

  • Registering in niche directories for vape shops,
  • Registering in business directories such as Google Maps,

Shop Discounts and Specials

Most store owners use more than one type of discount programmes for their vape shop marketing. These programmes include loyalty discounts, coupons, specials, and punch cards.

Some owners host “happy hours” in their shop so that customers can try new products and eliquid flavours offered at discounted prices.

Other shop owners provide product discounts to specific groups of customers such as college students, military and medical staff. While others just provide general discounts in order to attract new customers.

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