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Marketing an Online Vape Shop

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The Things You Can and Can’t Do

When it comes to planning and implementing your vape shop marketing strategies for your online business, there are some things that you can and can’t do. By knowing these opportunities and restrictions, you can create a combination of vape marketing practices that can help your ecommerce site gain visitors and ultimately increase conversions.

What You CAN’T Do

Below are some of the things you can’t do when marketing an online vape shop.

You can’t advertise on Google Shopping Ads

The “Dangerous products or services” policy states that ads for products that simulate the smoking of tobacco is prohibited. The platform also specifically identifies “electronic cigarettes” and “e-cigarettes” as examples.

You can’t advertise or promote on Facebook

The promotion of use and sale of tobacco-related products such as electronic cigarettes and vaporised delivery devices are disallowed for Facebook ads as specifically stated in the platform’s policy. However, the policy also states that content that promotes connecting people with tobacco-related interests is fine as long as it doesn’t lead to the sale of the prohibited products. 

You can’t advertise on Twitter Ads

Although vape devices are not specifically mentioned, Twitter Ads policy prohibits the promotion of all cigarettes, including “alternatives that stimulate the act of smoking.”

You can’t advertise on Instagram or hire IG influencers 

In a December 2019 blog related to Brand Collab Managers, Instagram announced that branded content promoting vaping products are prohibited. Although the platform’s policy has long prohibited the ads of these products, the announcement stated that Instagram will start enforcing this. 

You can’t advertise on Tiktok and Snapchat Ads

TikTok and Snapchat also specifically prohibited ad content that promotes or sells vaping products.

What You CAN Do

Don’t worry about the many restrictions enumerated above, as here are some of the vape shop marketing strategies you can implement :

You can still promote your business and products on social media platforms

You can post content on Instagram related to vaping products for your followers. However, your account or your posts will be restricted from appearing in Content Recommendations, and thus, will hinder your plan to capture new customers and to grow your vape shop.

On your store’s Facebook account, you can still post about your shop, products and even daily operations to sustain engagement with your followers and build shop/product awareness. Just make sure not to cross the line that Facebook has set regarding promoting the use and sale of vaping products. Some examples of safe posts include a demonstration on how to install e-cigarette, announcing availability of new products, introducing discounts or free gifts, and asking questions that promotes people’s engagement.

You can implement SEO strategies to boost visibility of your online shop

Don’t underestimate the power of search engine optimisation (SEO) especially when you’re running an online shop. Most people use Google and other search engine, thus, it’s important that you gain online visibility for the right keywords by employing the best SEO practices.

On-page SEO practices include:

  • Regularly publishing contextual content that your target market can relate;
  • Optimising content on homepage, ads landing pages and other important webpages; and
  • Optimising descriptions on product pages.

Off-page SEO techniques include:

  • Interacting in online forums, communities and groups such as Reddit, Quora and Facebook groups;
  • Submitting contextual content for publishing in vape blogs and niche online magazines; and
  • Enlisting your shop in both online niche and general business directories.

Make sure that your website URL is visible in every marketing channel you use. These channels include your social media profile descriptions, your email footers and your product packaging/bags/wrappers. You should also do this for the links of all your major social media accounts.

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