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How to Maximise Email Marketing for Vape Shop Owners

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You may have the best vape brands in Australia for sale in your store, but without any marketing plan and implementation, you will never be able to sell them. Email is one of the most effective marketing channels to use in order to make the vape devices and vape liquid brands you have for sale be known to your target consumers.

Despite the popularity of social media platforms as market channels, the traditional email marketing remains one of the best ways to engage and reach your target market. In fact, it is said that email marketing returns 3,600% for every dollar of investment.

So, what can vape shop owners do to maximise their email marketing strategies?

This is to avoid wasting time, money and energy on generating and delivering email content to uninterested entities. Here are the ways vape juice Australia and New Zealand shop owners can generate a list of high value email contacts:

  • Have a “guest list” in your brick-and-mortar shop where customers interested in receiving your official email content can provide their contact details;
  • On your online shop’s checkout page, provide an option where customers can provide their consent to receiving emails;
  • On other marketing channels e.g. receipts, printed ads and social media platforms, provide a link to your page where people can provide their consent and contact details; and
  • Offer something valuable in exchange for contact details. Examples include free vape liquids, devices or cloud chasing classes

Make your Call to Action clear and simple

Having a simple, short Call to Action ensures that you avoid confusing your target readers on what you want them to do. Similarly, the general rule to send out emails as part of your marketing is to offer only one thing per email so that you don’t confuse or overwhelm your readers with too much information. In short, when you use email marketing to introduce the top vape brands you now have available in your shop with a goal of enticing your customers to check out and buy some, you don’t put any other unrelated information into the same email e.g. your new blog entry or a promotional code for any other unrelated products.

Personalised email content goes a long way

When you see your name being addressed in a company email, you’ll definitely pause and think about the email content and possibly decide to click the link. Your customers will feel the same way when you use the recipient’s name on your emails when marketing your popular vape brands, introducing new products and announcing promotional discounts, among other activities.

Ways to personalise email content:

  • Use their name in the subject line
  • Include their name in the salutation
  • Subtly insert their name in between sentences

Email marketing tools are available so that you can automate the personalisation of email content based on a database of names with their corresponding email addresses.

Other tips to maximise email marketing

Here are more email marketing tips for vape shop owners to consider:

  • Add images to catch readers’ attention and spark curiosity
  • Provide options for individuals who prefer emails in plain text
  • Make use of whitespace to make your content visually appealing and easy to read
  • You don’t have to sell anything in every email you send. From time to time, send an informative email relevant to your readers without asking for anything in return

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