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How to Increase Facebook Engagement for Vape Shop Owners

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Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform for both consumers and business owners alike. So it’s just practical that as a vape shop owner, you must use Facebook as your marketing channel to promote your vape juice brands, pod systems and other related products you’re selling. But it’s not just about having an online presence on Facebook. To effectively use Facebook as a marketing platform, you must boost your engagement.

Facebook engagement refers to people subscribing to your Facebook page and their interactions to your posts e.g. comments, likes or reactions, and shares. The benefits of boosting engagement shouldn’t be underestimated.

  • Shares and reactions expand the visibility of your posts to your audience’s networks;
  • High engagement rate extends your organic reach within the social platform due to Facebook algorithm;
  • Audiences gain trust on brands that engage with them regularly and on a deeper level;
  • Engaging posts leads to high interest to the brand; and
  • Audience engagement allows you to understand your target audiences more.

So how do you increase your Facebook engagement as a vape shop owner?

Understand your audience

Getting to know your audience on a deeper level is an important marketing strategy that allows you to create the most effective promotional and sales materials. Page Insights is a tool on Facebook that provides valuable information on your audience including their gender, age, country, city and time they’re most active.

Offer practical and/or valuable information

People who follow your social media account aren’t looking for a sales pitch from you all the time. Though they want to ensure they’re on top of the latest vape liquid brands you’ll have for sale, you can surprise them by posting something of great value and for free such as the following:

  • Practical advice on nicotine eliquids
  • Demonstrations on vape tanks Australia and New Zealand has to offer, and
  • Trivia on vape pod systems.

Inspire and/or entertain 

Sometimes, you’ll just have to entertain or inspire your audience from time to time. Here are some samples for vape shop New Zealand and Australia owners:

  • Show cloud chasing performances and other vape trick; and
  • Interview former cigarette smokers who switched to vaping.

Engage audiences with a question

Ask a relatable question to your audience that’s not simply answerable with a yes or no. Here are some ideas:

  • If you’re making your own eliquid flavours, ask your audience for a name of the new product;
  • Show a photo of your top vape brands in stock and ask your audience their favourite flavours and their reasons; and
  • Share a news or statement about vaping, and ask the audience to share their thoughts.

Include photos in your posts

A study revealed that around 25% of social media users are most likely to visit a website from social media posts with images. Shop owners should consider posting close-up photos of their available vape mod brands, eliquids, tanks and pods. Make sure to add relatable short captions for context.

Video posts and live broadcasts

Videos and live feeds on Facebook even get higher engagement than plain text or image posts. Videos don’t have to be of expensive, professional-grade quality. You can conveniently create them even with a mobile phone.

Publish relatable posts

People appreciate authenticity even from companies and brands. Vape shop owners can provide relatable content on Facebook to keep their audiences engaged and connected with the brand. Here are some examples:

  • Featuring people behind your shop,
  • Sharing funny posts or joining a trend relatable to your business and your audience,
  • Taking a stand on vaping issues, and
  • Celebrating success stories of smoking-to-vaping switchers.

Other ways to engage your audience on Facebook

Here are more ways to boost your Facebook engagement:

  • Timely responding to comments and enquiries;
  • Regularly posting content and at the right time (use Page Insights as a tool);
  • Provide your Facebook link on all other social media accounts, your web pages and on printed marketing materials e.g. receipts, paper bags, traditional ads, etc.
  • Join and be active in related Facebook groups e.g. smoking cessation groups

For more business and marketing insights for your vape shop, check out our other blog articles. 

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