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Ghosting and Related Vape Tricks for Beginners


If you’re a beginner vaper who’s starting to get bored of simply inhaling and exhaling vapours, you might want to learn some simple tricks to spice up your vaping sessions. The Ghosting is one of the most basic techniques to practice. You can perform this trick with the best vape brands Australia has to offer or even with ordinary vape liquid brands and pod systems.

For a better experience when practising though, it’s best to ensure that the vape juice brands you’re using contains a higher ratio of the more viscous vegetable glycerine (VG) component compared to the propylene glycol (PG) to produce the thick vapour necessary for the Ghosting technique. Learn more about your eLiquid options in our article about cloud chasing.


Also known as the Ghost Inhale, this is a basic vape trick that will be used in the more complicated techniques, and thus, you should learn and practise this trick as early as possible. The technique involves releasing a thick ball-shaped vapour cloud and inhaling it again to prominently make it look like a ghost.

  1. Inhale from your device and keep the vapour in your cheek.
  2. Release the vapour by slowly opening your mouth while holding your breath. You shouldn’t blow. Close your mouth slowly after a thick ball of vapour is released.
  3. Suck the released vapour with your lips parted far from (for quick inhale) or close to (for slow inhale) each other

When done right, the vapour will look like a white ghost trying to escape from your mouth.

French Inhale

This vape trick, also referred to as Irish Waterfall, is basically Ghosting except that you inhale the thick vapour with your nose. This also means that practising your Ghost Inhale makes French Inhale easier to perform. 

  1. Perform the inhale and release steps for Ghosting (Steps 1 and 2)
  2. Inhale the vapour through your nostrils.
  3. For variety in technique, try widening your mouth and/or do an underbite when releasing and inhaling the vapour.


This technique is basically a more complex variation of French Inhale. The name refers to the supervillain in American comic books by DC Comics because your lower face will basically look like the character’s restraint or mask when you do this vape trick.

  1. Inhale vapour from your device and keep it in your mouth.
  2. Release the vapour from your mouth like you do in French Inhale, but your upper teeth should be biting your lower lip while raising your upper lip a bit. The mouth position will basically make you look as if you’re smiling weirdly. 
  3. Inhale the vapour through your nostrils (preferably significantly harder than a French Inhale). 
  4. The vapours should release through the gaps between your teeth, creating a vapour cloud with defined lines as you inhale with your nose.

This technique requires a bit of practice to successfully pull it off. It’s best to do it in front of the mirror to find the perfect teeth-and-lower-lip position that will create the “lines” on your vapour. If your teeth are too close to the bottom lip, the vapour might not be released. Too far, your vapour lines will not be defined.

Explore our blog further to find interesting and practical information about vaping for beginners and advanced vapers. We’ll also be featuring more vape tricks.

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