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Double your Vape Shop Sales with these Top Marketing Tips

The secret to increasing your vape shop sales is ensuring that your costs are as low as possible without sacrificing quality. In this way, you boost your profits while maintaining a strong customer base over the long run. This is possible with the right vape shop marketing strategies. With these in mind, here are some practical tips on vape marketing practices to double your sales regardless of the size of your vape shop business.

When receiving new products

When you receive fresh, new stock of vape devices, eliquids and/or accessories, make it a goal to sell them immediately or as soon as possible. In this way, the cycle of buying and selling inventories are faster, increasing your profits as they stack in each end of the cycle. Furthermore, this strategy also ensures you have sufficient shop space for new products that are hot in the market.

But how do you ensure your products are sold immediately?

  • In your physical shop, set up a “New Arrivals” area where the new products are quickly seen by customers entering your shop.
  • On your online shop, have a “New Arrivals” banner that pops up once a visitors checks your website or a section situated where your visitors can immediately see them.
  • Make sure to announce your new products through your company’s newsletter and on your social media feeds.
  • Consider time-sensitive promotions such as selling your new products at a discount for a limited time only.

When you have a customer base

You may have a loyal customer base now, but you could lose them if you don’t regularly engage with them or take care of them. In order to grow your vape shop, you must strengthen customer loyalty by planning and implementing a marketing plan to keep your customers interested with your business and showing them that you care for them.

Why is this important? Your existing customers can greatly help when marketing an online vape shop or brick-and-mortar shop since they can naturally suggest your business to their friends knowing that you’re a company that cares. In short, words can spread very quickly when you have new stocks that need to be sold immediately or when you’re promoting your products or special deals.

Ways to strengthen customer loyalty:

  • Offering special deals or loyalty discounts
  • Creating a VIP club or community
  • Delivering experiences unique to your loyal clients

When hiring brand ambassadors

These days when social medial platforms are popular, it’s not uncommon for businesses to collaborate with “influencers” to promote their products. If your budget permits, you can hire individuals famous on social media to be your brand ambassadors as part of your vape shop marketing strategies. Especially if the influencer has a huge fanbase, word about your business and products can spread quickly over a wide network.

In order to keep your costs to a minimum or boost your return on investment, however, it’s best to choose someone who is naturally passionate about vaping. In this way, there’ll be zero or minimal costs associated with orientating and training them about your products since it’ll already be easy for them to represent your business in the first place.

When hosting or joining events

Hosting or joining events allows your target market to build brand awareness about your business and increase your visibility. These events also offer opportunities to sell your products and most importantly, expand your network for both business partnerships and customer acquisition.

Here are ways to use events for boosting your vape shop sales:

  • Hold regular events in your shop such as free eliquid testing in order to bring existing customers back into your establishment.
  • Collaborate with related (but not competing) local businesses and like-minded organisations/individuals to hold community events, which can help bring new customers into the industry.
  • Engage with fellow vape shop entrepreneurs and attend vape conferences/events to discover new vape shop marketing techniques that you can try in your own business and to share your own strategies on how you grow your vape shop.

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