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Cloud Chasing: What Every New Vaper Should Know

cloud chasing

When it comes to vaping, images of vapers producing huge clouds in various shapes and interesting movements are often what come to people’s minds at first. If you’re a beginner in vaping, you might be asking the following questions: How do these experienced vapers make those humongous clouds? Are they just camera tricks? Are there specific vape liquid brands that are meant for cloud chasing? Should I have the best vape brands Australia has to offer in order to create impressive clouds?

What is cloud chasing?

In the vaping world, cloud chasing is basically blowing huge clouds of vapour from an electronic cigarette or vaping device. It is considered to be both a hobby and a recreational activity.

Cloud chasing is generally suitable for experienced vapers considering that a sub-ohm or vape mods are often used. It also requires tweaking the coils and adjusting some electrical settings of the vape device, which pose some safety risks if not done right.

Cloud chasers are often used by vape shop New Zealand or Australia businesses in marketing their products on social platforms and online ads. They are great for entertaining their target audience and possibly attracting new customers.

Cloud chasing competitions

Cloud chasing, however, is not just about blowing huge clouds. Some “professional vapers” enter into competitions where they compete for the biggest and/or most interesting vapour clouds. Spectators of these competitions and people who love to watch cloud chasers are generally called “cloud gazers.”

eLiquid options for cloud chasing

As we always mention, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) are two major components of eliquid and they come in varying ratios depending on the vape juice brands. The thicker and more viscous VG liquid is responsible for creating huge clouds. This means that when you want to produce clouds when vaping, you should opt for eliquids with a higher VG ratio. A 70VG/30PG, for example, is perfect for vapers who want to create interesting clouds while still enjoying the vape flavour and experiencing a good throat hit.

If you purely want to chase clouds, there are “max VG” vape juices (which actually still contain small amounts of PG).  Be aware that this variety might be too thick for some vapers. Wattage control is also important since VG could damage the coils if the wattage is too high.

Whatever the kind of vape juice you’ll choose, it’s best to opt for the zero-nicotine ones considering that you’ll frequently blow on your device to practice your cloud production.

Vape device options for cloud chasing

While vape pod systems and ordinary vape pens can produce enough clouds to create the basic O or cloud rings, huge vapour clouds are created by vape mods with sub-ohm technology. Such complex vaping devices use more energy than ordinary devices which mean the batteries are subjected to intensive usage. Furthermore, adjusting the wattage settings to create the best clouds can be intimidating to those who are new to vaping.

Those who are new to cloud chasing, though, may want to opt for a regulated box mod, which contains safety mechanisms for the battery and still allows users to modify the wattage settings.

Other important factors to consider in a vape device for cloud chasing include:

  • Long or decent battery life
  • Loose or adjustable airflow
  • Coils with less than 1 ohm for sub-ohm devices

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