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A Beginner’s Guide to the “O” Vape Trick and Its Variations

vape o trick

Blowing an “O” or a ring of vapour from your pod systems and especially with mods or vape tanks Australia has to offer is one of the most basic vape tricks that you can do. It’s also one of the techniques to master if you want to bring your tricks to the next level, considering that many vaping tricks are based on the “O” or ring technique.

For many individuals who are new to vaping, exhaling vapour rings may require constant practice. So make sure to choose eliquids Australia products that allow you to enjoy your vaping routine practice for quite some time without a quick throat hit. Furthermore, it’s better to use zero or low-content nicotine eliquids with your vapourisers when practising.

How to Blow Basic Rings

Blowing the basic Os is easy to do but it requires consistent practice to perfect this technique. Many people can do it using beginner-friendly vape pod systems, too.

Here are the steps to perform basic O tricks:

  1. Inhale a small amount of vapour and keep it in your throat. You don’t have to take in huge amounts of vapour.
  2. Have your tongue rested on the base of your mouth while pushing the back of your tongue slightly back to your throat.
  3. Slightly curve your lips to form them into an O shape closer to your teeth. Avoid placing your O-shaped lips away from your teeth as if you’re about to kiss.
  4. Cough very lightly from your throat to pulse bits of vapour out of your mouth.

The size and shape of the vapour rings will depend on how you shape your mouth when releasing the Os.

How to Make the Bull Ring

All you need to do to create the Bull Ring is to blow a dense, medium-sized O-ring. You will then have to lean closer to it and inhale the top part with your nostril to create an awesome-looking bull ring. Make sure to practise in front of a mirror to get the look right.

How to Create the Triangle

The Triangle can be complicated to perform if a viscous vape juice isn’t used. So make sure to use the best vape brands Australia has to offer with a higher VG content in them in order to have vapour rings that will last long enough for you to turn them into triangles. Furthermore, this trick requires the mastery of creating dense, large vapour rings.

Triangles are easily created in three simple steps:

  1. Exhale a dense O-ring vapour.
  2. Gently push it with one hand.
  3. Tap on the space on one side of the ring to rotate the vapour and watch the ring transform into a triangle.

Some people tap their hand downwards while others do it upwards. Other people tap the space twice in order to efficiently rotate the ring. Often, people find it easier to tap the side of the ring that’s the opposite of their dominant arm. For example, left-handed vapers will find it easier to create the Triangle when tapping the right side of the ring.

Find the technique that’s convenient for you, and keep practising the timing of your taps.

How to Make the Lasso

This trick is more complicated than the others, and thus requires practice and the right vape juice brands with higher VG content.

Firstly, exhale a large, thick O-ring. As it floats, do another drag and exhale a smaller ring into the first, larger ring. The smaller ring will move through the larger ring and wrap around it, creating the Lasso illusion.

Practise and Get Ready to Show Off!

For more vape tricks instructions and other vape-related information for beginners and experienced vapers alike, check out our other blog pages today.