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A Beginner’s Guide to Refilling Vape Devices with eLiquid

eliquid refill

After your first vape device has emptied out, you will want to refill it with new juice or perhaps try another flavour.  Refilling an e-cigarette is perhaps one of the common concerns of individuals who are looking for vaping tips for beginners. So don’t worry, as we’re here to provide you with valuable answers to your concern.

There are many types of vape juice Australia has to offer. They vary in flavours, nicotine content and quantity. To surely enjoy the bottle of eliquid you have recently bought, it’s important that you load it up into your device correctly because the pure liquid can be an irritant when it hits your skin.

The process to refill eliquids Australia has to offer will depend on the type of device you use.

Disposable E-cigarette

If this is your first vape device, we’re saddened to inform you that you cannot refill this with your new favourite juice even if it’s the best vape brands Australia has to offer. As the name suggests, you simply have to throw away the entire sleek, slender device once you use up all the available puffs in it. 

Closed Pod System

Sadly, vape kits using closed pod systems are also not refillable. You’ll need to detach the pod from the device and attach a new one, which contains your favourite eliquid flavour. Don’t force a new supply of juice into the mouthpiece hole, as this can break the system and cause leakage.

Open Pod System

Luckily, some vape kits use open pod systems which mean you can use your favourite eliquids. In most cases, you have to take the pod off the vape device when refilling but this depends on your device. These pods have a specific fill port, which is covered with a rubber stopper, a slide mechanism or a screw-type cover. This is where you can insert the nozzle of your vape juice bottle. Make sure to tilt the pod at an angle when pouring in the liquid in order to eliminate air pockets. Slowly fill your pod while leaving a bit of air space at the top. Make sure to seal the fill hole with the rubber cover and wipe any excess liquid outside the pod.

Bottom-Fill Vape Tank

As the name suggests, this type of tank fills from the bottom. It has to be removed from the body of your vape mod before refilling. This tank also lets you do a refill while there’s still some ejuice left in the tank.

Once you unscrew the base of the tank, insert the nozzle of your eliquid bottle on the side of the tank. Make sure to refrain from filling the centre hole to avoid the liquid from leaking into the mouthpiece.

Just like the open pod system, you need to tilt the tank at an angle while slowly pouring your eliquid into the tank in order to avoid air pockets. Leave a bit of air space at the top. Screw the tank base tightly back on the tank and wipe any excess liquid before replacing the tank back to the vape mod.

Top-Fill Vape Tank 

This type of vape tank doesn’t have to be removed from the vape mod when refilling. It features a sliding, screw or twist mechanism that will move the top of the tank and reveal the fill hole. Unlike bottom-fill tanks, top-fills hide the centre hole and thus, you won’t have to worry about accidentally pouring eliquid into it. If the fill hole is covered by a rubber seal, you can typically push your eliquid bottle’s nozzle through the seal.

Carefully fill your tank in the same way you pour liquid into an open pod system or bottom-fill tank.

Here’s a valuable tip when refilling both bottom-fill and top-fill vape tanks: saturate the coils with a drop or two of the eliquid to avoid burning when you first inhale from the device.

Refill Your Vape Devices Today

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