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7 Secrets to Vape Shop Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Online social platforms are becoming valuable channels for businesses to market their products and services. Even for vape shop marketing, the social media network has a massive potential to find new customers, engage current ones and strengthen customer loyalty.

With over 55% of the world’s population using social platforms in 2021, it just makes sense to include social media as one of your channels in marketing an online vape shop or even a brick-and-mortar shop. Furthermore, the average individuals ages 18-34 generally have around 8 social media accounts.

So how can you incorporate social media into your vape marketing practices and be successful at it?

1. Narrow your options by understanding your target market

There are currently at least 200 social media platforms but you don’t have to use all of them for your vape shop marketing strategies. Instead, you must determine a few platforms to focus on, especially when you’re running a small- or medium-sized business. You can do this by specifically identifying your current and potential customers’ demographics, interests, lifestyles and other aspects. Besides, it doesn’t make sense to focus on social media platforms which your target market doesn’t use or only an insignificant number have an account in. 

2. Update content regularly with engaging posts relatable to your audience

The optimal number of social media posts to publish for your business will depend on the platform you’re using as well as many other factors such as the number of followers you have and your social media marketing goals. However, one thing that’s most certain in achieving social media success when you want to grow your vape shop is that you should post high-quality content that relates to both your business and your audience and that encourages engagement. Not only will this help you achieve an authoritative status in the industry, it will also make your audience (especially your customers) to trust you.

3. Post videos and photos, too, in addition to textual posts

Visual content like photos and videos can generally boost engagement on social media. It can make audiences stop browsing the feed to pay attention to the content. Take note though that your videos and photos must also be relatable to your business and your audience in order to boost engagement and create connections with your target market.

4. Be mindful of any social media restrictions over vape/smoking-related posts 

Some social media platforms, if not all, have restrictions when it comes to the promotion and sale of vape products, considering that people still see them as closely related to cigarettes and tobacco. Be mindful of these restrictions to avoid sanctions such as losing your account.

5. Provide exclusive deals to your social media followers

By providing discounts, vouchers and other special deals exclusively to your social media fans, you boost your chances of gaining more followers to your social profiles.

6. If feasible, use paid ads offered by social media platforms

Investing on social media ads can help increase your reach online, giving the opportunity to engage new followers, to convert them into loyal customers and ultimately, grow your vape shop. Moreover, these ad networks, such as the one in Facebook, will enable you to specifically select your ads’ target audiences to ensure that you’re getting the greatest return on investment.

7. Add links to your social media profile in all other marketing channels

Make your social media accounts known to a larger audience by adding the URL or the links on your official website, email newsletters, online directories, printed adverts, and other modern and traditional marketing channels. Also, make sure that your social media profile description includes the URL of, or hyperlink to, all your accounts in other social media platforms.
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