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6 Common Mistakes Beginners Make When Vaping

A lot of people think that since smoking is just about lighting the cigarette and inhaling its content, then vaping is just basically the same thing. Well, there are a few things you need to learn and consider.

There is a process to vaping. With smoking, you choose the right cigarette for you. With vaping, you don’t just choose the right vape device, you also get to choose the nicotine level. You have to choose the flavour you want and there are dozens of them. The device also has components that you need to know about like the coil and the tank, and, of course, the e-juice.

And when you venture into something new and different, chances are you might commit some mistakes along the way. That’s okay, though, since that is part of the learning process. This guide aims to limit the mistakes that are common among beginner vapers.

  1. Choosing the wrong device

This is basically a result of #1. If you haven’t taken the time to learn about the basics of vaping, then chances are you will make the mistake of choosing the wrong vape device. The variants range from simple to complicated. Beginners may manage something in the middle, but it is still better if a newbie will ease into the process with starter devices. They are called starter vapes for a reason.

Starter devices are usually very simple to operate. Sometimes a single button could get the vape device going. In fact, the famous JUUL doesn’t even need a button in order to function. You just inhale through it and it immediately fires up. It’s even simpler than smoking a cigarette. The starter device can also carry the heaviest nicotine content among devices using the new nicotine salt e-liquids.

Once you feel like you are ready to move on, then you can use intermediate devices. They are more powerful than the starter devices and are more challenging to handle. The challenge is due to the process involved. The device contains tanks that can store more vape juice. This tank needs to be refilled when empty and needs to be cleaned regularly. You also need to change the coils more often. The intermediate devices also have lower nicotine content. If you decide to quit smoking, then intermediate devices must be considered because you don’t want to be addicted to nicotine anymore. This is a transition to vaping to lessen your nicotine consumption.

The most advanced vapers turn to box mods to optimize the experience. There are different types of box mods like the conventional, dripping, squonking, and a lot more. The box mods offer levels of complexity and control, making it a choice for advanced vapers.

  • Failing to change coil

Again, this may be a result of just jumping to vaping without really knowing what you are getting into. There are some beginners who put additional strain or burning to their coils.

Some pod mods need to have the coils replaced rather than the pods. However, not all devices require this just like the starter devices.

If you’re a regular tank user, then coils will become a part of your vaping journey.

Do some priming to prevent additional strain of the coil or burning. It is quite easy. You put a few drops of e-juice onto the exposed cotton on the coil. Allow the drops to absorb thoroughly. After that, you can install the coil. Then you can start filling the tank with the e-juice and let it sit for about 10 minutes. The purpose of this is to soak the coil thoroughly before firing it up. The process will also ensure that you will enjoy the best flavour while vaping.

  • Mixing flavours

There is nothing wrong with experimentation but, when it comes to vaping, it doesn’t really add to the experience. Mixing two flavours doesn’t always create a good blend. In fact, it is not even advisable for you to change the flavour of the e-juice without washing your tank. This is called “flavour ghosting.” This happens when you change flavours without changing coils or washing your tank. The stronger flavour will overwhelm the taste. In essence, you will not be getting the best taste from the e-juice.

When you want to switch flavours, wait until the coil has been spent. After that, clean the tank properly so no flavour will linger. But if you really want to taste different flavours every now and then, you may use different tanks for different flavours. That means keeping multiple tanks in your kit.

  • Picking the wrong nicotine level

There is actually no set of rules when it comes to choosing the nicotine level. It is more about preference. However, you won’t get there without experimentation and logic. You have to gauge the nicotine level based on your previous smoking habit. If you were a chain smoker, then perhaps you need a larger hit. But if you smoked less than a pack a day, then three to six milligrams might be enough. Anyway, don’t feel discouraged if the vape juice is too bland or too intense because you can adjust it based on your preference. You will get to the right taste eventually.

  • Believing in charging myths

Don’t you just hate it when you are vaping and the battery dies on you? That usually happens when you don’t charge your vape device regularly. A lot of beginners believe this myth that it is dangerous to charge the device before it has fully drained its battery. That is simply not true! Don’t wait until the battery has fully drained before you charge. You are just setting yourself up to annoyance. Charge your device whenever you have a chance.

  • Being a “Vape Snob”

Not all vapers are like this, but there are a few who can be too annoying.

While vaping is safer than smoking, and there’s no evidence to back up the claims that secondhand vapour is harmful, that doesn’t mean you have to give endless lectures and also argue with smokers.

One of the rules is to never discuss vaping to anyone unless he or she asks about it. You should never give long discussions about vaping. Remember: Not everyone is as interested as you.

There you have the list, mates! Knowing more about vaping before jumping into the process will help you make the right choices.

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