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5 Low Cost Vape Shop Marketing Strategies Online


Vape shop marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune just to compete with bigger vape businesses. These five creative marketing strategies at zero to minimal expenses will surely help launch your business to success.

  1. Publish your own blog posts

There are many advantages when you’re publishing vape-related articles as part of your vape marketing practices. For one, it’s a great way of keeping your consumers updated about vaping facts as well as relevant news in the vaping community. Furthermore, a frequently updated vape blog gives your target market the perception that your business is active and up-to-date in the industry. But most importantly, regularly publishing well-written, contextual blog content gives your business an authoritative image that will make readers trust your brand in the field of vaping. You don’t have to build your own website to launch a blog. There are blogging platforms that you can use for free.

  1. Focus on the appropriate social media platforms

Marketing an online vape shop or a brick-and-mortar one should include creating, maintaining and regularly updating at least one social media account. It’s free to register in social media platform. There are over 200 social platforms today, but it doesn’t mean you’ll have to use most or all of them. You just need to do a bit of market research to determine where most of your target consumers are. As a start, consider having an account on Facebook, which has 2.8billion active users, making it the biggest social network around the world.

  1. Engage millennials and younger ones on social platforms

According to a study, more than half of vape users are under 35 years old. These are the same demographics that are frequently online on social networks such as Facebook and the photo-centric Instagram. These are also the individuals who are attracted to the idea of “looking” cool, and thus, a perfect opportunity for your business to post photos or videos of vape products with sleek designs, stunning vape clouds, and creative vaping tricks in order to grow your vape shop. As mentioned, it’s free to register and maintain a social media account. You can reach a wider audience beyond your current followers with the use of hashtags.

  1. Be active in relevant community forums online

Don’t underestimate the importance of joining online discussions as part of your vape shop marketing strategies. Online community forums, such as Reddit, are free to join unless you opt for some premium features which are often not necessary in terms of engaging relevant discussions. These forums are conveniently categorised, so you can be sure that there are communities specifically related to vaping and vape products. There are many creative things you can do in these platforms such as answering other people’s questions on vape topics, sharing your expertise and even discussing relevant news and updates.

  1. Consider digital loyalty and/or punch cards

It’s common for brick-and-mortar shops to hand out loyalty cards and paper-based punch cards to their customers. But in order to save costs in terms of printing these cards, consider opting for digital versions of these promotional materials. This will also save time for you or your cashiers during rush hours, as they won’t have to manually stamp the cards and write down necessary details. With a digital loyalty/punch card, the process is completed with just a few taps on the mobile phone. It also prevents your customers from carrying too many punch cards in their wallet or losing their only card. There are many digital companies providing these services for a minimal price.

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